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About Me

I started Purple Palm Vacations in 2011 because after many years of traveling (including 3 continents, 23 countries, over 100 cities and counting), I decided to make a career out of doing something that I love.  I have a burning desire to see as much of this big beautiful world as possible during my short time on earth.  My goal is to take what I've learned through my travel experience to help my clients have a better vacation than they would otherwise.

I believe that travel makes us all rich in so many ways.  Not only does it help us to relax, refresh and recharge in this busy, hectic world but it brings us closer together, deepens relationships with the ones we love, and educates us in a way nothing else can.

I have lived in the Denver Metro area for the past 24 years and can't imagine living anywhere else.  I am a single mom of one 14 year old son and love to share the gift of travel with him. My other passions include reading, running half-marathons and I am an avid baseball fan.  Go Rockies!

I travel throughout the year to the destinations that are in high demand looking for quality vacation options that go above and beyond. I then write about the All-Inclusive Resorts, Ships and Disney Resorts that I feel are the best of the best and will truly provide a great vacation in my Traveling Travel Agent blog.  Happy Travels!

Sao Miguel, Azores