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About Me

I love travel, experiencing nature and new experiences! It is my energy source!

I was born and raised in Alaska, when it was the wild frontier, with adventure in my blood. My dad headed there after high school bringing my indoor loving Chicago mom along. I am not sure about that picture, but my route followed my dad’s ambition of adventure.

He began an Electrical business that eventually became Alaska State License # 1 which provided opportunity to fuel the life I learned to love. We had a small plane, hunted, trapped and fished. This coupled with 2 small cabins located on the Yukon River and Caribou Creek, all called my name...all the time making it hard for me to focus in school. They actually had to move me away from the window.

Over the years, I raised our kids in NE Ohio which included a few years of home schooling and then became an RN specializing in Cardiology and Home Care.

When we became empty nesters, we moved to Colorado which gave us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. When my husband lost his engineering job to downsizing, he started Seamless Inspection eventually allowing me to retire early from nursing, opening the door for me to pursue my love of nature, travel and adventure.

During the years when budgets were tight, adventure became more local travel and tent camping with hikes. This became my new energy source for a season. Somewhere in there we both got our pilots license and owned our own plane changing our definition of fun.

Since the plane days we enjoy new types of vacations and spending time with family which include a few little grandkids.

I am so excited to share my passion with others and help them find the best vacation and time away.

Onboard the Norwegian Joy cruising in Alaska


Favorite Travel Quote

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 

– Gustave Flaubert

French Quarter, New Orleans

Firsthand Experience

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